What a great weekend!  I was overwhelmed at the 35+ people that showed up to go to Montgomery and hang out with the homeless on Saturday!  We started by plating some meals and then headed over to the "church at the barrel", also known as "bird and the Word" because it usually consists of some chicken and Bible study.

We handed out the trailer-full of donations (thank you to everyone who donated!) in a Free Yardsale kinda way.  There was even a grocery store section! It was like a free baby walmart. Then we all grabbed a stump and sat down for worship and a great message of how God reaches into the nastiness we place ourselves in - how Jesus got dirty (taking our sin upon himself) - and saves us from addiction, sin, and many times from ourselves!

Highlights of my day:

  • stump-hopping with Elijah
  • worshipping God together
  • praying with Ms. Vera
  • learning to play the jimbay... ok, failing to learn. but still.

I was reminded on this trip that the mission field is right in front of us. I was challenged to put myself in it. There is no such thing as "short-term missions".  We live on a mission, day in and day out. And my time is not my own. 

::Give it all away::