Notice anything these photos have in common?

What's that?
Amazingly cool and well-made knit headbands, you say?
You would be correct!

And guess what??  YOU can have one of these warm and fashionable headbands too!  Just go over to my sister-in-law, Audrey's blog to see more.  

And guess what else?
When you buy one of these lovelies, you won't just be getting an earwarmer, headband, or wristband.  
Oh, no no no.

You will be sending a missionary to Africa.

You see, my SIL is making these knit products by hand to sell for our friend Aimee, to help her go to Rwanda this year on what I'm pretty sure is her very first foreign mission trip!

The prices are seriously low and I can attest to their great quality. Mine never stretches and I wear it all the time... especially when I haven't washed my hair. (Can you tell in the photos above?  Me either!)

::purchase with a purpose::