Wade is my person.
God knew exactly what I needed when He gave me Wade.

The other day, Wade said something to me that I found odd.
He encouraged me to not get upset by little things that might get to me that day.

I was almost offended that he must think I'm some kind of nut-case or something that get's upset all the time!  

But sure enough, the time came later in the day.  As I cried in my car over something silly and small, I thought back to what Wade had said.  It helped me realize the gravity of the situation -- which really had no weight at all.

Later, I told him how much I appreciated his advice and that I had needed it later that day.
He then told me he didn't know why he said it, just that he felt like he should.

Obviously God was speaking through him.

And he continues to encourage me still just when I need it.
As I wrote yesterday's post about Satan's lies that my faults won't change, that I'm not good enough, and my choosing to live in God's grace instead,  I got this message from him via Facebook.

"You are such an incredible woman. Your inspiration spans nations! I love you."

Whoa. I so don't see it. But I'm glad he does. 

::in awe::