Sometimes I just need to get away and walk.
My thoughts get so jumbled up.  
God's direction looks hazy, and I need time to think and pray.

 I don't get away enough, but when I do, I come back feeling refreshed.  
I may not come back with all of the answers to my questions,
but a sense of calm goes hand-in-hand with quiet time with God.

I really needed this time today.
There are some things (aren't there always) that I just don't understand.
I want to know answers, see the path ahead!

But I know God's ways are above my own.
I know God is all knowing, all powerful, and He is in charge.
And there is comfort in that!

So, thank you God for beautiful sunsets and for meeting me where I am. 
You are too good to me!

"No eye has seen
no ear has heard
the depths of your love, Lord"

"No mind can fathom
the love you deserve,
how great you are!"

-- Rhythms of Grace, Hillsong

All this time He spends loving me - and He deserves the love. No mind can fathom the amount He deserves!