Since I've been in town a lot lately (which is so not normal for me. It feels strange, actually. And awesome.) I've noticed my posts are less about what I'm doing or where I'm going, but more about the why, which is also awesome. 

But, since it's Saturday, I figured I'd write a fluff post on... that's right.
Red Lipstick. 

I'm not a big make-up person. Usually just moisturizer, a little powder under the eyes, and some eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes if I'm feelin' fancy I'll wear eye shadow.  

But for some reason, maybe because I'm less than two years from 30, 
{gasp! horror! I know.}
I've been playing around with lipstick a bit.   

(I warned you this was a fluff piece!)

I honestly don't know if I'll ever wear it out of the house...
but I may have worn it around my apartment while Wade was at work a few nights.

Don't make fun of me!
Ok, you can.

p.s. Check out Erin over at Captivated by Grace. She's got a little blip about me as one of her January Sponsors. Plus she's awesome so you should check her out anyways.