I'm going through some serious Mexico withdrawls!  It's been two months since I've set foot on the rocky streets of Reynosa, Mexico and I'm counting down the days until I go back -- which unfortunately is nearly two more months!

I used this photo on my post yesterday and was reminded of one of the precious moments had on the Canal that somehow I never shared. 

And it needs to be shared.

A few trips ago, Francis asked me to take some pictures of his family.  Francis is such a precious guy, who used to be a drug dealer and a hater of all things God-related. That is, until he saw groups just like us building homes for free in the village he moved to.  He saw changes happening in his friends and The Lord started working on his heart.  Frances started helping build the houses and gave his life to Jesus. Now he is enamored with God's word and is teaching us what it means to live life for Christ.  

The first time I met him was when I was privileged enough to tell him he would be getting the next house, and that my group would be coming in just a few short days to build it. It was overwhelming to see his joy -- joy for a 12x24 house that any American would consider a nice shed for the backyard. 

When I asked him what color he wanted us to paint it, he chose "The King's blue for the walls, and pink for the trim".  While those don't seem like the obvious color choices to us, his reasons were so sweet.  You see, he lives in a house full of girls. They wanted the house to be pink, so, like a good daddy, he compromised :)

Back to the story at hand.  Francis asked me to take some photos of his family one day.  We scheduled it and as I arrived, it was obvious they spent time getting ready for the pictures.  I shot a few basic family photos - nothing fancy.

A few months later, I brought the photos back.  I picked two (the one above and the one below) to frame as an 8x10.

Aren't these girls GORGEOUS?

They unwrapped the pictures (it was close to Christmas) very carefully so they could reuse the wrapping paper.  And then Francis did something I didn't expect.
He started  crying. 

He told me it must have cost me so much to do this.
I was confused and thought, no not really - the frames were half-off at Hobby Lobby!

And then he told me that these were the only family photos they had. They had no pictures of their children.  This was it. They say it costs them a lot of money to get someone to take a picture for them in this quality and have it framed. 

Something that was so small to me - that I threw together one day after a trip to Hobby Lobby - was a treasure to them.  At that moment I made a commitment to do family photos for them each year as a gift.

As we live this life on a mission, we start to see opportunities before us that may seem so insignificant to us, but may mean the world to someone else.  If God tells you to do something, do it. Even if it's as simple as taking a picture.