We all know that pictures speak a thousand words.

I created this blog with the hope of sharing our story, our love for missions, and to create a place to document our life together.  Over the years it has grown and I have learned more and more about this world, this blogosphere, that I never knew existed.

One such thing is the idea of sponsoring a blog. I love the idea of promoting and supporting one another with a representative photo that links the reader to another blog.  I don't desire to draw income from this blog and I don't have the money to spend on sponsoring someone else's blog, but I still want to support my fellow bloggers that I love to read and let others know all about them as well!

Enter Sponsor Swap.

The idea is this. I'll "sponsor" yours, if you "sponsor" mine!

For no charge, we will swap buttons (like mine below) to display on our blog sidebars in order to promote one another!

The Williams' Post

If interested, email me at thewilliamspost@gmail.com

As a side note, you may have noticed I've changed up the blog quite a bit.  I wanted a clean, crisp page and felt like trying some new things on Photoshop (another one of those things I've been wanting to do but didn't trust myself to be able to accomplish.) 

More changes to come!

::Let's Swap!::