I know I'm band-wagon hopper, but I love the mustache craze as much as the next Pinterester. 

You see, I was driving down the road the other day, minding my own business, when this awesome mustache passed me by.  It was black and gold (not your typical mustache color), but since it was on a car I guess it doesn't need to by typical.  

Inspiration hit.
"I am going to STEAL that idea!"

So, I detoured my outing and hit up Walmart for supplies. 

I chose the cheapest car tag I could find, which happened to be this plastic license plate cover, and some spray paint (for plastic surfaces). 

And, well, the pictures are pretty self-explanatory...

For the 'stache, I used my handy-dandy Silhouette machine that has been collecting dust waiting patiently to be used. (Yes, I just did the taboo scratch-out-the-words-you-really-mean thing.)

And Voila! Mustache license plate awesomeness!

(I'm thinking if you don't have a vinyl cutter like a Silhouette or Cricket, you could just made a big stencil and spray paint the mustache)

The hard part was attaching this little bugger.  But that's mostly my car's fault. Thanks to the hubs and the nice neighbor, it somehow got attached.

Now enjoy the cuteness and just wait, because everyone will ask you the significance of the mustache.  I need to think of a clever answer for this, because the answer "there is none" doesn't seem to satisfy the masses.  Any suggestions?  Humorous ones appreciated. 

*note - do not do what I did to finish this project off.  I made the mistake of using my arch nemesis -- Modge Podge -- as a sealer, which gave it an undesired crackling effect.  No Bueno.


**Pray for me and the group from my church who are spending today with the Homeless in Montgomery! Pray for needs to be met and lives to be changed -- both theirs and ours!