I love to see the Picture an Hour posts around the blogosphere and have been wanting to do one for a while.  While each and every day looks completely different for me (except for Tuesdays which are packed full of the same stuff every week), I hope you experiencing it with me! On this day, Wade picked up an extra shift at a local pharmacy so he wasn't around until the evening.  
Without further ado...

A Day in the Life of Kerrie
A Photo an Hour

Drink Chai Tea smoothie. 
I'm slightly addicted.  And yes, I slept till 9am. It was glorious.
Publish the day's blog post

Heading to town.

Fabric stores and Walmart runs

Lunch (I did the Tuesday Challenge! Have you done it?)


Sewing my life away and watching Grey's Anatomy

No photo. Sorry!
I was hanging out with Wade's mom though.

Phone calls with special people :)

I have been snacking on these all day!

Meeting up at the church about medical mission trip stuff (and I snuck in to peek on the youth)

Dinner at Sebastians! 

I saw myself on Pinterest!  (And I didn't pin myself!)

T.V. time -- watching American Idol on the DVR.