Today I'm linking up with Erin from Captivated by Grace and Ashley from 5ohWifey for "The Girl Behind the Blog" Vlog link-up part-ay!

Basically, Erin and Ashley thought it would be a great idea for anyone who wanted to participate to answer a few questions about their blog via video (ergo, a Vlog) and then everyone will link up over HERE and see if your favorite bloggers have the accent you've subconsciously given them in your head.  You know you've done it!  

Please note:  Yes, my voice breaks in the first few words.  I could blame it on the fact that I helped lead worship at church this morning and my throat's a little scratchy... but mostly it's because I was so nervous!

Also: after watching the other vlogs that kept the time-constraint, I want to say I'm so sorry I went over (ok doubled) the time allotment!  I've learned that I talk slower than I realized haha.

*Blog posts by Wade, here.

**In the vlog, I didn't prepare my answers, and when asked what the most challenging part was, I answered that it was being transparent because I didn't want people to worry about me - that I am ok.
After some really Godly advice in both conversations and emails, etc, I want to honestly admit that having people worry about me is something that makes me uncomfortable.  And that's why I try to avoid it.  This is not a great quality in me. It is, in fact, a barrier.
This, is the biggest challenge for me.
 And I want to work on it.  God doesn't mold us "comfortably", ya know what I mean?

So, that being said, I want to say thank you to everyone who has ever worried about me -- to everyone who has ever cried for me, smiled for me, or prayed for me.  I'm so lucky to have such amazing people to share my life with.  And I have learned so much from you all these last few days.

So, now that you've seen and heard the real me, go enter my giveaway!
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