I've discovered Quinoa!  And I'm in love.  Recipe: here

If you haven't tried Brie, you NEED to. It's my favorite dessert/snack for a special occasion.
Just pop that bad boy in the oven on 350 degree for 7 minutes and eat with some sliced apples.  YUM.

Date night with the hubs. FOR FREE - thanks to him winning a bet on the Alabama vs LSU football game.

"Why did the duck cross the road?" hardy-har-har.

random craving for chocolate milk in a jar.  Oh yeah.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"

lunch date at The Garden District in Downtown.

Can you believe the size of this apple?  No, i didn't buy it.
Yes, I thought about the poor soul who bought an apple that had my mouth this close to it.  Eek.. sorry!

Also, I'm halfway looking forward to the Vlog linkup over at Erin's and Ashley's on Monday, and halfway nervous that y'all might think I'm the most boring person on the planet!  But I'm going to do the Vlog link-up anyways and think you should ALL join in!

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