I've been shown love
|by my husband|
|in more ways than I can count|

|by my God|
|in his plans and provision|

|by family and friends|
|1. A "Get Well" card and scripture notebook from Kerry @ My Life, His Mission. 2. Mail from Brooke @ Bnfunky (see Valentine's Day card below) addressed to "The Williams' Post" haha i love it! 3,4. Encouraging words from one of the people who knows me best in the world - my sister, Kristina.|

|I love this Valentine's Day card in lieu of a Holiday Card from Brooke!|
I really needed all of this love this week.  Yesterday was a tough one for me. I was just ready to feel better!  These little reminders were a really great pick-me-up!

Wanna see last year's Valentine's Day card?  It's popular with the kids this year, thanks to Pinterest, but we are big kids at heart!  Check it out, here!

::Happy Valentine's Day::