first morning of our "pre-surgery Getaway".
For more photos of where we stayed, check out this website!
 I really wish I had taken more photos on our getaway, 
but I left the camera in the room and just enjoyed my time with Wade. 

1. Pendant necklace from Le Mode Accessories
2. $12 jacket from Papaya!
3. Wade's first pair of Toms. Finally!
4. Not-so-vintage "vintage" glasses from Anthropologie.

1. Surgery
2. Encouragement from Kerry @ My Life His Mission
3. Recovery (first time outdoors = yoga pants, dirty hair, and mascara)

1. Create the Character books I made for the nieces by Champion Me books. ( I made one for each niece. The characters favor the girls and their names are in the book! So cute)
2. Finally got out of the sweats, into a dress (cause jeans hurt) and hit up Walmart and Sonic for a Coke with lime :)
3. Thanks to Michelle @ Texas Tanners for the Essie nail polish she gave me - my nails are starting to grow! No biting!
On an unrelated note, I need a good storybook suggestion for 3rd graders! I've been asked to participate in Read Across America at the local Elementary School and have no idea what to read! They said books would be available, but I'd love to bring my own.  Any suggestions?