As I'm sure you all know, I had a laparoscopy done on Thursday morning to find out why my Fallopian tubes were blocked.  To read about the journey that led me to this point, go here.  

My husband, being the amazing man that he is, took me to a fancy hotel for the two nights prior to help me not feel anxious before the hospital visit.  We shopped, ate out, and visited with some friends that live in that town.  I really had such a wonderful early valentine's day getaway. 

I recieved so many emails, text messages, facebook and twitter messages, and phone calls letting me know that people were praying for me this week and I want to say thank you to everyone who thought of me.  It really means more than you could know. I even received some snail mail from my college roomie.  I feel so incredibly loved.  

So, we arrived at the Hospital at about 6:45am on Thursday and things got going right away.  The Doctor came in and made some jokes about my upcoming "sex change" operation, which definitely helped ease the tension!  Everyone was so nice and I really truly felt everyone's prayers.  I was still nervous, especially when it came time to put in the IV, but I made it through.  

Wade thought he should take a picture of me before surgery for all of my blog readers haha
Well, it turns out I did have a little bit of endometriosis, which can cause infertility, but unfortunately that is not what was blocking my tubes.  They removed the endometriosis, but were unable to fix my Fallopian tubes.  For some unknown reason, my tubes are closed from the inside out.  We don't know why, and it's not something they can fix.  They recommend IVF as the next step in having a pregnancy.

 The news was hard to hear.  We both cried.  I think more than anything, it was just terribly shocking.  We had no idea, and this was not one of the possibilities we had considered. 
In fact, I think it's pretty rare.

Again, like in our miscarriage, God gave us such an amazing peace.  We are not sad or down.  If anything, we are extremely excited for the children God is going to pick out for us.  We have always wanted to adopt, as I have mentioned before.  We feel confident that this is what God has called us to do and these results just affirmed that for us. We didn't know when to start the adoption process, which is why I got checked out in the first place.  I never expected to find out that my chances of having a baby (outside of IVF) were so slim, but I really believe that God prepared my heart for this in many ways.  One of those ways is by giving me a desire to adopt so long ago.  Another is allowing me to get pregnant in 2010 and experience seeing our baby's heart beat and get a picture.  I have been pregnant. That experience is mine forever.  

I'm not saying I'll never feel a moment of sadness over this news, I'm sure we both will.  But God's glory outshines that.  To know that He has picked us for the great responsibility and great honor of being a parent to the parentless is just amazing.  Why us?  I feel so unworthy.  

So, friends, I ask you to continue to remember us in your prayers.  And keep us on the forefronts of your minds if you ever come across a baby who needs a mother and a father.  We are here, waiting.  I also ask you to pray for us as we reach out among the many avenues of adoption, that God will give us wisdom and direction on this new journey.

Thank you all so much and I truly truly love you!