I feel like I've been a huge blog-slacker lately.  Maybe you haven't noticed.  And I hope you haven't!  But I've barely been able to read any blogs this week, let alone leave many comments.  I've been getting behind on my emails, etc. etc.  And it's not that I'm busy busy busy every second of every day.  
It's all in my head!

Let me try to give you a visual...

My Calendar.

Notice how much more full the month of March is? This is my normal life.  The bars of color mean I am out of town. And the fact that neither January nor February had any of these color bars is a rarity.

My blog has grown so much these last few months, and it may be due to the fact that I've been here and had some "down time" to be able to focus on it.  But here I am, just a few short days from my first (of many) out of town trips that include vacations, special events, and mission trips.  And my mind is buzzing.

The list of things to do before I go is large.  And I have a big project (you'll see next week) that I've been working on that has taken up so much time!  My photo an hour post makes me laugh because I think it looks like I just lounged around relaxed all day, while in my brain I was checking things off the list.  So many things were in between and I didn't want to over load the blog with a photo of every 30 minutes! Plus, I'd never get anything done if I did that!

I'm working on the 2013 India trip I'm leading (yes, this early), three upcoming mission trips to Mexico, local school/community projects -- and that's just for work.  Being gone for so much of March is stressing me out just a little bit. 

This is probably the most boring post ever but I just needed to put all of that out there!  I want y'all to know what's going on in this crazy head of mine.  

I also want to remind you guys about my Tuesday Linkup "Tuesday Challenge".  I've offered a challenge for this week which you can check out here and I will offer a new one each Tuesday!  But remember, you don't have to do the challenge to linkup.  The Link-up is for bloggers to share what they are doing for God in their lives, or what God is doing/showing them.  The challenge is merely a way to help facilitate some ideas for us to act out our faith! 

And lastly, I'll leave you with a verse I'm loving this week.

We hear the first part of this verse a lot, and it's a great reminder of what should be important to us ladies!  But I just really love verse 5.
"This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful."

We can learn so much from the women in the Bible.  From our elders. And I want to be beautiful, just like the holy women of old.