I spend a lot of time reading through blogs - and I must admit, I've wondered if it is a useful way to spend my time. And it is. It sooo is.  I'm daily encouraged and uplifted by the posts you all share.  And, more often than not, I'm convicted by them too.

I feel charged up after reading what God is doing in your lives.  Blogging is a ministry. Or at least it can be. It has been for me.  I'm ministered to daily by so many of you.  And this blog is an outlet for me to pour out the lessons God is teaching me and also an avenue to share the things He is letting me do!

With that being said, God has been working up a little project in my mind for some time now and I'm ready to start it. It's no new concept. In fact, it's quite common.

I will be away from home for the majority of March (sister's wedding in N.C., skiing with Wade's co-workers in M.O., and taking a group of college girls to Reynosa, MX on a mission trip) and I think it is the perfect time to get started!

[I'm getting there]

So many of you all live life for God and I'm soon going to start featuring different bloggers in a Guest-Post setting, as they talk about how they live "life on a mission."  I'm blown-away by how different everyone's story is and I really think we can all be encouraged by these awesome testimonies! I'm so excited!

I'm even thinking of starting a weekly link up for everyone to share what they are doing for God missionally, what God is showing them, teaching them, or convicting them of. And maybe even a weekly challenge: a way you can life "life on a mission" right where you are, and minister to the people around you. It would be good accountability for me, anyways.

What do you think?