Thank you all for being so supportive! Thank you for the kind and encouraging comments, tweets, emails and facebook messages.  God has shown his love for me again and again through each and every person that has prayed for me or reached out.  I mean, look at this!


It was so hard to be that transparent, that vulnerable, and you were all just so great.

Its been a bit difficult to figure out how to transition to the next blog post after what I shared yesterday, but I'm not one to get a bit of bad news and stay down for long.  I had a few good cries last week, but the knowledge that God's got me gives me a joy that can't be touched - not to mention my extremely amazing husband who gives me so much comfort.  So, I figured to get things back on a happier note, I'd just go to the extreme with...

{My "It's funny 'cause it's true" Pin Board!}
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All of which depict me sooo well.

 I'm the Pug.

Wade calls me out for this all the time.. as do a few select friends.

I wish I could be completely spontaneous! But I'm a girl who loves a plan.

It's my special super power.

 While most of the time I really don't hear things, Wade can tell the difference when I use that kind of "What"... although he never changes what he said. The man don't play games, hunny. And I love him for it.


I hope you laughed as much as I did!

On another note, I spent several hours yesterday hand-sewing my "Thank you Followers" giveaway gift!  Be sure to check it out tomorrow!!