I'm so excited to share some amazing guest posts from other bloggers living life on a mission with you all while I'm out of town so much this month!  Be sure to check out their blogs and leave them some love!  

Get ready to meet one awesome chicka!  I asked my friend Breanna, who blogs at A Day in the Life of a Crash Team Member and who moved across the country to follow God, to share about the hard parts of giving your life to His ministry.  Breanna has been my rock on the Mexico trips I've lead in the past, and while I definitely miss having her around, I'm so proud of her willingness to go. 


First of all, I want to say thanks to Kerrie for asking me to guest post. I have to admit, I was a little teeny bit intimidated when I began to think about what this post would consist of considering the [over] one hundred followers who read her blog. I will start, I suppose, by introducing myself: 
I am Breanna and I blog at
This is me!

What is a Crash team member, you ask? Well, I am so glad you did, because I would love to tell you about it! As you who are regular readers of Kerrie's blog already know, she is all about "living life on a mission" and that is exactly what a Crash team member is. The Crash exists to train leaders and missionaries to go into an unchurched area, saturate the community, love on the people, and help with a church plant in the area. So, that is what I do. I am about to be 20 years old, a full time college student, and living in Eugene, Oregon, with about 9 or so other team members who try live this definition of a "Crash team member" in our everyday lives. 

I joined the team out here in August of 2011 when I moved from Alabama, so I am still kind of new to the area and to the ministry. I love it here, and I am so glad God decided to call a nobody like me to be a part of such an awesome organization and ministry, but believe me, it is not all easy peasy(is that a word?). 

When I moved, it was the first time I had lived outside of my mother's house and outside of her security. I flew here with a couple of suitcases(the rest of my stuff to come later), and my faith in the Lord. The others came before me in January of 2011, so when I arrived, they were all settled into the community with jobs, cars, houses, friends outside of the team, and a knowledge of the city/people. It was such a huge help for Quinton and Audrey(Kerrie's brother and sister-in-law) to let me live in their house with them. I quickly got settled and began to feel comfortable with my new life in Oregon, 2800 miles away from home. 
It is now March and I am still comfortable here. The things about living so far away from home that I thought would be easy are the hardest things that have proven to be the hardest for me. It is not easy living with people who are not your family. I absolutely love Q and Audrey and their girls and I am eternally grateful for their generosity in letting me live with them, and it has moments where it is fun to live here with them, but Audrey and I spend every single part of the day together, and then when all the girls go out for girl's night, we are still together. I love having someone to talk to and I am never bored, but sometimes you just want to hang out with a different personality for a while, you know? 
Speaking of that, I don't really have that many options to hang out with people outside of the team. Sure, I have friends other than the ones who moved from Alabama, but I don't have a job(more on that in a minute) which is a primary way to meet new people, and I don't have a car which makes it super hard to just venture out and explore and meet new people. I tend to get a little lonely when I am sitting in my room watching Netflix on my laptop by myself weekend after weekend. 
About the job: I thought after living here for seven months I would SURELY have a job at this point. But, no such luck. I have applied and applied for jobs, to no avail. Sure, I have had interviews, but they all end and I think to myself, "Hey! That went pretty well!" just for me to never hear from them or to get an email saying I wasn't qualified for the position. Really people?! How much qualification can you require for someone to work a cash register at the local grocery store?  Should I have a degree and 3 years experience to do an entry level position? As you can tell, I have a little bit of frustration about the topic. The good thing is, I have never been without the things I need. I have an amazing support system of friends, Q and Audrey help me out, and obviously the Lord has been the ultimate Provider. 

Probably the hardest thing about being here is the feeling of uselessness and having no one to talk to about that. I think of how easy and convenient life was back in Alabama living at home with my mom paying for everything and not having to worry about anything other than what my mom would be cooking for dinner that night. I miss my family and friends on a regular basis. I miss my church. I miss my simple, boring life that I was so content with. 

Amidst all of this, God is doing amazing things in Eugene and I am so blessed to be a part of them. It is not always easy being here and serving, but it is humbling and rewarding. We hope to begin meeting with our church plant called The Beautiful Mess within a few months and serving the community around us even more than we are at the present time. It is so awesome to see how God has placed our team in positions to meet and make connections with people that have the same passion and vision for change in Eugene that we do. All of the struggles I deal with seem silly in comparison to the big picture that only God can see at this point. I have learned to rely on Him more than ever in the past 7 months. He continues to remind me that we as Christians are not called to live an easy life. We are called to take up our crosses daily and follow Him. Leave behind brothers, sisters, mothers, and convenience, and live radically for Christ. When I begin to feel sorry for myself and throw "pity parties" I just pray that God continue to remind me of the bigger picture here. The picture of a changed city. The picture of revolution for Christ in Eugene and in the world that He desperately wants me to be a part of. ME! How honored I am to be able to humbly accept this call from the Lord. 

Wow. How incredibly honest and real. Living for Christ isn't always easy. In fact, it rarely is.  Thank you for sharing Breanna! Be sure to go over to her blog and leave her some love!