I'm so excited to share some amazing guest posts from other bloggers living life on a mission with you all while I'm out of town so much this month!  Be sure to check out their blogs and leave them some love!

Breanne is one of those people who you meet that you could swear is living your life! SO many similaries in our stories.  Even the age at which she was called to missions is so similar to my own!  I'm just thrilled to share her story and passions with you.


First off, I want to say thank you to Kerrie for letting me guest post. I love your blog and I feel so honored you've allowed me to write in your space today.

Secondly, I'll introduce myself. My name is Breanne, my husband's name is Kendall. I blog at resting on your love. I blog about our journey to overseas missions, my life as a newlywed, and being a dog momma. I blog a lot about what God is teaching me and how is molding me to become more like him and daily adventures. However, if there is ONE thing you get from my blog, I want it to be that you catch a little of our passion for missions.

This is us:


Kerrie has asked me to share how I live my life on a mission. It looks different for everyone and I want to share what it looks like for my husband and I. For that, you may need a little background on my story. I'll make it short.

I have been raised learning about overseas missions ever since I can remember. I was in 5th grade when I realized I would be a missionary. The was a day I will never forget and many others will never forget either. It was September 11, 2001. I vividly saw and heard that God wanted me to be a missionary through a vision of people going to hell and asking why "no one told them". I was very convicted and knew that it was my job to tell people. It was a confusing day for me as I had just heard about the attacks and God told me this all in one day? I went into my room and prayed "if you want me to be a missionary, can you at least give me a husband so I don't have to go alone?" I went on several mission trips after that beginning in middle school to Spain, Peru, New York City, Amsterdam, and North Africa. Missions, specifically international missions, is my passion.

This little story leads us to where I am now. God gave me my husband in May at twenty years old and we were ready to go. So what does a newly married couple do that's ready to go into missions?
They pack their bags three weeks after getting married and jump on a plane to the Amazon Jungle for two months. And we did just that...

Picture 7
This was our life in the jungle city and I loved it. 

We stayed with a missionary couple and picked apart their brains about being on the mission field while teaching english at a Bible school. While we were there we hopped on a boat and slept in hammocks for a total of 8 days (roundtrip) to go to Brazil. It was there we fell in LOVE. We looked at each other and said, "This is home." It was there that God really put two things on our hearts:

1. Unreached People Groups
2. Bible Translation.

(side note: if you check out my blog, you can read posts from our travels that go into this way more detail)


What started as a heart for the Amazon turned into a heart for ALL unreached people groups. We still don't know where we will end up, but we know that we want to work specifically with unreached people groups. We are working towards earning a master's in Bible Translation and we really would love to work on a Bible for our Friend Schapoo's people group called the Matis who are in need of the Gospel.

Picture 13

The two months ended too quickly and led us back to the United States. It was a hard transition, but the Lord led us to a class called Perspectives. I have learned what it looked like to minister to internationals here and learned more about missions than I have in my entire life.

There are so many unreached people live in the United States who have a HUGE opportunity to learn about Jesus. I want to seek out those people and teach them because they will have an impact on their people group much more than I ever could.  I want to mobilize others to want to do the same. You may have heard the saying "everyone is a missionary wherever they are" and this is true to an extent. Missionary means crossing cultural barriers, so yes, you can be missionary wherever you are as long as you are crossing some sort of cultural barrier. Whether this means reaching out to the Muslim girl that sits by you in class or the Chinese family that lives across the street. It is building those relationships with those internationals where you are, be it in the United States or overseas in a country no one has heard of. It is not easy, but it is SO much fun and SO worth it. Ask them their name, show them love, kindness, but most importantly show them Jesus. That first step is the hardest, but as soon as you do, you will be friends. I can almost guarantee that.

This is my mission right now, to reach internationals wherever I am and to make as many people passionate about missions as I can before the Lord leads us elsewhere. I am currently coordinating a Perspectives class for my area and highly encourage you to take a class if it is being offered in your area. It will change your life and ruin you for the ordinary.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are encouraged to love on an international near you! :)

Love, Breanne

Incredible huh?  Make SURE you visit her blog and read more about her passion for unreached people groups!  What an amazing testimony :)  Thanks for sharing Breanne!