Wade and I spent the last week tearing up the slopes in Big Sky, Montana.  I'd never been to Montana before.  In fact, I'd never even considered it!  But whoa. like whoa. does this place have the best slopes ever!

I grew up skiing in Gatlingburg, TN and Boone and Snowshoe, NC.  But never had I ever experienced anything like this!  It had been 10 years since I last skied and Wade had never done it.  But he was a quick learner and I got back on that bike like I'd just gotten off! We had some serious fun.  It's got to happen again. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

This was the incredible view of Lone Peak, the mountain we skied, from the large windows in our room! (Where we got to stay for free!)

Day 1: Temps in the negatives and snowy all day! 

Wade started out on the snowboard, but switched the skis.

(Yes, that's me on the left. It's hard to tell, I know, but check out that pose! haha)

After two days of skiing we changed things up a bit with a full day of snowmobiling!  

Now, I may live in Alabama, but I'm no country girl.  I was born and raised laying out in Florida, not riding four-wheelers.  Riding this thing was a bit of a challenge for me.  I was terrified! In fact, I started the journey with tears - which no one could see thanks to my gear!

Once we reached our destination, however, I felt the terror worth it.  This is by far the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It was like something you only see on the Discovery Channel.  I was amazed.

It's like a scene out of ELF!

This might be a picture of me falling after the previous photo. Maybe. Just call me Grace.

Try not to be too jealous of our amazing outfits.  80's is back, right?

For some reason I can't explain, this picture makes me laugh SO HARD.  I love it. haha

From there, we got back on the snowmobiles and crossed into Idaho for lunch. The only way you could get to the restaurant was by snowmobile! How cool is that? And it was packed!

At this point, I feel it necessary to tell you all about my little "accident"

So, we were just snowmobiling along to lunch when the guide made a sharp turn. Turning is my nemesis.  We do NOT get along. (hence the early tears).  Well, as per normal for the day, I didn't quite make the turn.  I freaked out, hitting the gas instead of the breaks and managed to stop about two inches from a wooden post!  (Thank you Jesus because I would have had to pay A LOT OF MONEY if I had hit it!)
At this point, I hold my hands in the air and get off.  I'm not about to touch that thing again until it is safely away from the pole.  Lucky for me, my night in shining armor .. or 80's snowmobile jumper suit... came to my rescue to help back it up for me.
This, we quickly learned, was a baaaad idea. You see, what we didn't know is that I had stopped right on top of a snow covered creek. And Wade's muscular weight was too much for this poor creek, which he discovered as the ground gave way and he sank suddenly down -- as did the front end of my snowmobile!  
It took 6 guys to get it out.  Oy.  

Here's the hole I left behind.

I'm sure I sounded so silly yelling for Wade to move as his legs sank down! I guess I thought it might swallow him whole! haha I was panicked. 

And to close out of day, we finally got to see some wildlife...

That's a mighty fine muskrat right there, folks.
(It really was like 2 feet long.  I kind of loved it)

One more day of skiing and a day tubing down the mountain closed out our amazing vacation.  

I love our fun, adventurous life.  We may never save enough to buy a house, but who needs one while traveling around the world??  (I'm kidding, but seriously.) It is so great to be able to see God's creative ideas and how much they vary from place to place.  Amazing.