On every trip I've ever led to Mexico, we've arrived in Texas on Saturday, rested, and crossed into Mexico on Sunday.  This trip was different.  I took a small group of college girls from Samford University for their spring break, and what says spring break more than spontaneity? 

So, we arrived, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed across the border: sleep deprived, greasy-haired, and with 18 hours of van ride on us. But we didn't care. We wanted to see our amigos.

Oh how I've missed these faces. It's been only 4 months since I last saw them; but it's been four months too long. When you've been going to the same village multiple times a year for more than five years, it feels like going home. And I miss home.

 I got to visit with that little cutie (Mauricio Manuel), whom I hadn't seen since the day he was born, four months ago. Yes, I actually met and held him on the day of his birth. And isn't he SO cute? I mean, look at those lips!

It was love the first time I set foot on these dirt roads and met these beautiful people back in 2006, and every time I see them, the love grows exponentially more. 

And I think the same could be said for my dad, who has been coming with me for a few years now! (They know him as the chicklet man.. a.k.a the gum man!)


My time with my family in Mexico is so special to me.  Each time, our relationships grow, my Spanish gets a little better, and we help change each other to look more like Jesus. 

It's not always easy, leading a team.  Being in Mexico brings out the best in me, but also sometimes the worst.  Satan attacks me each and every time and I learn things about myself that I don't like. But at the same time, Jesus' grace covers me and allows me to minister and for that I am so thankful and SO undeserving.  

En el nombre de Jesus,
Te Amo.