I'm thinking of changing the name of this link up to incorporate the blog posts that are linking up to share how they are living life on a mission (which was the main point) better.  So when I have time, which won't be any time soon, I may be making a little tiny change there.  

Anywho, I have been so busy with my sister's wedding since last Tuesday!  It's been so crazy and so fun!  Wade performed the ceremony and I really couldn't have been more proud. So, since this is really our blog, I'm going to share how he used his life to serve others this week by officiating their wedding!  

I know he had to be nervous, standing in front of all of those strangers, about to unite two people into a covenant relationship between themselves and between themselves and God. And even though the sweat was pouring off of this face (as it as all of the men in the wedding party!), he really thought about what he was saying and made sure to point out the foundations of marriage and what it means to be husband and wife, by God's standards.  He did an amazing job.  

How many of us are that willing to get out of our comfort zones for someone else?  It's hard! It's scary. Wade can attest to that.  But it meant so much to the bride and groom (my sister and new brother-in-law!!) that I'm pretty sure he would tell you the nervousness was worth it to see the two of them become united as one.

Last week's Tuesday Challenge was to write an encouraging note to someone you know.  I gotta be honest, its noon on monday and I haven't done my challenge yet!  And, considering I'm in an airport headed to Montana, the options are p-r-e-t-t-y slim.  I've been going non-stop and out-of-town since last Tuesday and it's not going to stop until a week from now! It's all fun stuff, so I'm not complaining!

But I'm still going to do my challenge. It's just going to be in email form:

{My sister, a.k.a. Mrs. Baker, and new brother-in-law threw the most amazing wedding! It was a blast.}

This Week's Challenge: Open Doors.
"For who is greater, he who sits at the table, or he who serves? Is it not he who sits at the table? Yet I am among you as the One who serves." -- Jesus, in Luke 22:27

Maybe you already open doors, or hold doors open for people.  Maybe you don't.  This week, as the Tuesday Challenge, the focus is on putting yourself last.  Opening doors for people around you is one way to do that.  Open them for people behind you, hold them open for people coming out from inside a building, and do it to the extreme.  Keep holding it open until everyone who is coming in or out has done so.  It may make your errand take longer, you might have to stand in the cold longer than you want to.  But you'll be putting others before yourself, even in this little way.  

I can't wait to hear about your challenge from last week and any other blog posts you'd like to link up, sharing how you're living life on a mission, what God is teaching you, etc etc.

Tuesday Challenge

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