Hey guys! So... I'm linking up with 5ohWifey and The Hollie Rogue today for the 2nd Girl Behind the Blog Vlog linkup party! But, I forgot about it until the last minute so you get to enjoy my video of me right after getting home from the gym.

I did take my hair down to try and make myself more presentable...

BUT... It's a little on the greasy side. Sorry!

And just remember, I'm doing this (greasy haired and all) for YOU!
Yes.. you!

Ok, enough silly stuff. On with the vlog :)  I hope you enjoy hearing all about what I'm currently learning!

I got all serious on you, didn't I? But this is truly what God has been teaching me... for like the last decade... and I'm just now starting to get it.  Thanks for listening and I am really looking forward to watching the other vlogs that link up! If you haven't made one yet, it's not too late! You can link up RIGHT HERE!

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