It's black and white, really.

This call to go.  This call to tell.

No shades of grey to be found.

The Word says:

To go into all the world, making disciples and baptizing them in the name of Jesus.

In just 9 months we will leave for India. Unlike Mexico, we don't get to travel to this beautiful country often.  The opportunity to share the love of Christ with His creation on the other side of the world is an honor and is something I am so unequipped to do.  I just hope I don't mess it up too much. Good thing for us, God has a habit of using the unlikeliest of people!

If you would like to support our mission trip to India in January 2013, I hope you will consider these options:

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[SPray] Ok, just Pray. But I felt like it needed to start with an "S" to go along with the theme.

Muchas Gracias!