It's time for another "Life. On a Mission." linkup!

Today, since this is mine and my husband's blog after all, I thought I would share with you all how my husband spent time living his life on a mission last week. 

A while back, God gave Wade a vision for a men's ministry.  He cleverly named it the "League of Ordinary Gentlemen" (it's a play on the League of EXTRAordinary Gentlemen movie.)  Basically, it is a group of men who are available to help others in need.  Ideally, the community would know about them and if a widow, single mom, elderly person, etc. needed help with yard work, home or car repairs, and other things, they would be able to call on this "League" for free help!

This is their first project:

1. new house.  2. current entrance haha

This house was build by a woman who desperately wanted to provide a home for her 4 month old grandson who has Cystic Fibrosis.  His home was hit with a tornado and is infested with mold which makes him very sick.  So, this grandma bought a saw mill, collected the trees that came down from the tornado, and build a house!  She is not a construction worker and it's not perfect, but it has a LOT of heart.  

Wade and some awesome men in our church have committed to helping her finish.  I tagged along to take some photos.

1. Ursula - the woman who built this house.  2. Some Ordinary men doing Extraordinary things. 

Every piece of wood was cut by Ursula from the fallen trees in her yard!

My amazingly hot husband serving Jesus :)

I'm telling you ladies, there is nothing hotter than watching your husband do for others. 

What are you doing with your life to serve others, to share the love of Jesus?  What is God teaching you?  What is He doing in your life?
I'd love to hear about it.  Link up below!

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Service Suggestion: Make something for someone.  Bake Cupcakes, create a hand made gift -- whatever you fancy -- and give it to someone. No strings attached.