Well hello there! I'm back from Mexico (again) and like always, it's a bit of a challenge getting back into my life here. All I want to do is be in Mexico.  But life goes on and God has a purpose for me here just as much as he does there. I want to say a huge thank you to those who followed along on my trip, even though I didn't post much, and who commented to let me know you were!  I'm sorry I didn't email back, but please know that I love y'all and cant even believe so many people care about the ministry I'm doing! It's so amazing. 

I promise I have some Mexico posts coming soon, but it always takes me a little time until I'm ready to share them.  I have to come back mentally first.  And besides, today is Marriage Letters Monday with The RunaMuck!  Today's topic is a tough one: Enduring Loss Together.

Hey Babe,
Before we got married, I don't think I ever expected us to endure loss together.  Maybe far in the future when we will one day have to deal with the loss of our parents, but never did I think we would experience loss so early on.  
I mean, we were just married over a year when we loss our first and only child after just 7 weeks of pregnancy.  That was hard.  And only 3 years into marriage when we discovered that, according to doctors, we have zero chance of having children in our future.  That loss was hard too.
But in all of these losses, we have gained so much more.  When we lost our baby, we gained a new level of closeness to each other and to God. And when we learned that we may never have children of our own, we gained the honor of being called to adopt or parent in a whole new way. 
In both losses, we gained prayer.  So many friends and family members praying for us.  In fact, I haven't told you this yet -- but this week while we were in Mexico, Erika laid her hand on my stomach and told me that they are always praying for us.  I believe her.  
After all is said and done, I don't feel lacking in anything.  My life is fulfilled because of Christ.  On top of that, He gave me you. I haven't deserved any of it and I feel so thankful for all He has given me.  I love you so much and can't even believe it most days that I get to have you.  A-maz-ing! I know I fail so much at tell you this stuff.  But I wanted you to know. 

You're Girl

Y'all pray for me.  I always struggle with feeling a little down when I get back from Mexico.  We are just so happy while we are there -- so focused on God and on living our lives for Him every second of the day, building relationships and not living with the distractions of this world -- that it is always a hard adjustment for me for a few days when we leave.  Going to Mexico is such a blessings as it provides so much clarity of God's direction.  Thank you Jesus for sending us there.  Love you guys :)
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