This week the Lord gave my brother-in-law, Quinton, a vision.  (No pun intended.)
Please read this post by him and prayerfully seek out your part in this amazing thing!


Luke 4:18-19 has many times been referred to as Jesus' manifesto.  In it he says that he has came to

Proclaim good news to the poor (check)

Proclaim liberty to the captives (people come to the 
Mission on

Set at liberty those who are oppressed (recovery, check)

Recovering of sight to the blind (che...wait a minute, hmm, not so sure I can check that one)

Now by no means am I claiming to be doing these all like Jesus does everyday.  In fact, I struggle often to keep the main thing the main thing.  But the recovering the sight to the blind has always felt like that was one kept exclusively for Jesus.  Until today.  Enter my friend Richard.

Richard is someone I've grown really close to.  He is struggling with issues in life, but has tons of potential.  He has shown himself a natural leader here at the Eugene Mission and is spending time at recovery meetings and in Bible studies everyday.  He moved off the streets and into the Mission and has began to realize that God has an amazing plan for his life.  One of his big issues is this.  He is nearly blind.  Good news is that it is treatable with surgery.  Bad news, he doesn't have any insurance to cover it.

This brought me to today's idea of bringing sight to the blind.  The procedure will cost $1700 dollars to have his sight fixed.  What if 100 of us out there in the world decided together we would restore sight to the blind.  It would cost us $17 each.  

Here is the 17 challenge.  100 people.  17 dollars.  Sight restored in Jesus name.

I will keep the list and update on here and facebook where we stand.  Leave a comment or email me if your in. I will send you an address to mail the check. Let's do this.  If your blogging I would love to share in this experience together.  Feel free to reword this and see who is interested.  

Just from talking to people today as I write this the 17 list has began.

Q wrote this post just yesterday.  Today, that goal was met.  Upon learning this great news, they discovered that the medical persons had misquoted and it will actually cost $3,000.  This goal is still reachable! And we need you to do it! Can you give $17 to give a man sight? This is the same miraculous God we serve, who promises sight to the blind.  You can be a part of a miracle.  Email Q at to pledge your donation and be added to the list!