It's so hard to know how to post when I get back from Mexico -- how to know what to share -- because there is just so much.  So much that cannot be put into words. So, for today, I'll share with you some pictures from the Medical clinic.

quite possibly my favorite photo of my life.  Two people I love SO SO much. This one is definitely getting framed in mi casa.

Wade working in the pharmacy

One couple donated a ton of reading glasses and I cannot tell you how amazing it was to see the look on people's faces when they were suddenly able to read the Bible.  Simply unforgettable.

Thank you Jesus for giving me good sight. I cannot pull off glasses! hah!

And I must warn you as we get to these next photos that they are pretty gross! Our doctors were so amazing.  There aren't many doctors who would work non-stop for 6 hours with no breaks, not even for lunch, in the hot Mexican sun for no pay.  The personal care these doctors gave is something that people on the Canal don't get often, if ever. 

I told you it was gross! But kinda cool, right?
Overall we saw about 175-200 patients over 3 1/2 days.  But more amazing than that were the relationships built, the love of Jesus shown, the tears shed, the hugs offered and received.  Those were the things that gave the most healing.  Thank you Jesus! You are so good to us.

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