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Today's subject: On Serving Together.

Hey Hubs!
I'm glad the letter topic today is on serving together, because that is such a huge part of our relationship! In fact, as you well know, that's how our relationship started!  When we met in Mexico on that mission trip more than 5 years ago, God truly set the tone for what our life would be like. 

I really love that we keep going back too.  I swear, I fall more in love with you each time. When we are there, I feel like we are at home. And oh my goodness are you seriously smokin' hot when you are ministering.  

We're actually spending the day serving together, today!  I really hope I help more than I get in the way, but there is nothing I'd rather to do then spend the day with you -- even though I know NOTHING about building a real house (the one's in Mexico are a tad easier I'm sure!).  The fact that you're so willingly giving up your first day off in 7 days to help this lady fix her house from the tornadoes last year is just so typical of you. 

It really doesn't surprise me at all. How you were built with such a self-less and giving heart, I'll never know.  I'm just glad to have you as an example and hope desperately that it will keep rubbing off on me. 

I love you soooo much!

Your Girl,

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