I'll never forget the time I met you. When we were in Mexico, walking down dirt roads, ministering to people.  I remember that I brought you to this one house, where I had met a family I wanted to introduce to you.  As you shook their hands, you introduced yourself as "Marcos." 

As any person who met you like 5 minutes prior would, I called you out -- "Marcos?? You're name is Wade! You think just because you're in Mexico you get to pick a cool fake Mexican name?"  Haha well, I've never been one to think before I speak.  You then told me that you used to tell people your name, but they always thought you were saying something... that I won't repeat here. But it has something to do with a very private part belonging to a Bull.  And, since your first name is actually Marcus (middle name Wade), you went with that instead. 

Smart guy.

I've never called you Marcus. I don't know anyone who does.  But I do call you Marcos.  It's how all our friends and family in Mexico know you. And when we are there, it's like my brain automatically makes the change.  I even find myself calling you Marcos here at home.  I like it :)

It reminds me of our life there.  The place we met, the place we love, the place we feel our closest to God.  So, Marcos, I write all this to say that I love you. And I cannot wait to go back to this very special place where I met you this Friday! yay!

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