I had the beginning of a blog post series in mind for today, but being on staff at a church with Easter just a few days away and another mission trip less than a week after means that my mind is a big mush pot.  

Today I'm working to make this happen:

This will be the backdrop/photobooth for everyone to take photos with our version of the Easter Bunny and it's my job to make it happen!

You see, at my church, we decided to do something a little really cheesy to remind everyone to invite people to church on Easter, since 80% of people say they would come to church on Easter if someone would just invite them. (not sure where I got that stat, but I heard it recently)

What is our cheesy idea, you ask?  Oh.. just a bunny.

Not your typical bunny.  This is...
Invitesum Bunny. 
(get it? Invite somebody? Invitesum bunny...yeah.)

We made videos of Invitesum going out into the community to invite people to church, and even started him a facebook page and twitter account. I should also mention he has been featured on the news and in the paper. We don't play, yall. haha

I had the pleasure of videoing Invitesum at Chick-fil-a this week.


Happy Easter y'all.