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This weekend I joined some 300 people from different churches and denominations as One Church, united for Christ.  We marched 13 miles on the main highway across 3 cities on a mountain that A&E deemed "Meth Mountain" on their popular show, "Intervention."  As we marched, we prayed that this mountain will be released from it's reliance on the drug called Meth (short for methamphetamine), which has taken the lives of too many people in our town.

(Update: here is a video montage with news clips!)

I want to first say how amazing our police force is in Marshall County. At each city line, the city police would meet us to escort us through.  It's not every city in America where the police will support this type of thing, let alone being ALLOWED to do so.

But the best parts by far were the God-ordained appointments that took place; from the man on the side of the road who asked what we were doing and shared that his daughter had been clean from Meth for 10 months (my friend and I were able to pray with him for her continued recovery!), to the older lady who stopped her car and said she wanted to join in even for a few steps, to the three teenage girls who gave their lives to Christ.  The Spirit of God on this walk was amazing.

This is something you can do.  Whatever the cause, we should be uniting as One Church as brothers and sisters in Christ, praying for our cities to stop relying on the world and start relying on Christ!

Service suggestion: prayer walk. Walk around your neighborhood, around your office or school, where ever it is that God lays on your heart. 

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