You know what my favorite part of worship is?  No, it's not singing (although I do love that).  It's not being surrounded by the most amazing musicians (but I gotta say, our band is incredible).  It's not even the songs (these 4 are some of my favorites!)

4/1/12 from LifePoint Church on Vimeo.

The part I love most is what goes on inside.  When I sing to the Lord -- on stage, in my car, while cleaning the house -- I find myself wanting to close my eyes and just get lost in it. (don't do this in the car!)

I try to focus on the words.  What am I saying to God? About Him?  Do I mean it?

I just wanted to share a little piece of my life with you all today.  I sing with the band at church every 6 or 8 weeks (basically when I can be in town long enough!) and I seriously love it!  Watch if ya wanna :)
[solo 3rd song in, but you should worship along to all of it! And then maybe even listen to the message!]