Hello blog world! This is Kerrie's husband, Wade, and I am hijacking "The Williams' Post" for the day.  It's technically half my blog anyway...but we know who has dominated it. And deservedly so, because I get inspired and feel like sharing what's going on in my mind and life often; however, unlike Kerrie, I am unable to capture those thoughts and inspired moments to regurgitate at a later time on this blog. And this is actually the very thing that happened this week.  Right before Kerrie left for her trip, I was in one of my "inspired moods", and told her I might post a few things while she was gone.  Well, every time this week that I was inspired to write, I was not able to, and every time I was able to, I was not inspired.  So I decided to go ahead and post something that I'm always inspired about...my wife.

As she has been gone this whole week, I have missed her greatly. I have thought of her almost every other thought.  As you constant readers know, Kerrie is not your typical girl. (I would say "woman", but she says she feels old when I say that.)  And you know about her heart for missions and her love for God, because her posts scream it.  But what I wanted to really verify is her...genuineness.  In other words, she is what she blogs.  I am addicted to reading her post and looking at her comments, because I have this huge urge for people to know this woman. Why?  Simply because her heart is genuine and it is RARE, and I want as many people as possible to get the blessing that I enjoy everyday. A heart like hers can change people! It has me! This blog is just one of her many ministries, and they are ALL powered by her love for Jesus.

I could write pages upon pages about how awesome my wife is, or about how much I love her.  But Kerrie is probably already embarrassed(angry) enough by me posting this, so I will leave you with an excerpt from my journal, written not long ago:

"I thought about marriage all weekend, and I praised God for the awesome marriage He blessed me with. I learn so much through my marriage...more so than any other aspect of my life. I wonder deeply if I even come close to loving my wife as Christ loved the church (Eph 5). I do know I love her more than anything in this world and would give my life for her without hesitation....so that has to come close...right?  I also started wondering if Christ looks at me the way I often stare at Kerrie, in amazement. Does He desire to just be with me as I do her? Do I take his breath away as she does mine?...that's hard to believe...but is it not so? So hard to imagine the God of the universe desires and loves me like I love my wife. Am I a worthy bride?"

I'm a blessed man.

-Kerrie's Husband