As I mentioned yesterday, I have been married to my incredibly sweet and oh-so-hot hubby for
three years!
And so we had an entire date day to celebrate! We drove 3 hours to Atlanta and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Fogo de Chao.  It's a brazillean (spelling?) restaurant.. you know the kind: where they walk around non-stop with sticks of the most prime cuts of meat on the planet? To say we left full would be an understatement. We didn't need to eat again the rest of the day! And after the wonderful meal, a server surprised us with this baby.

Yes, it was just as good as it looks -- if not more so! I almost cried I was so surprised! So sweet.

From there we went to the zoo! I love the zoo, as you can tell with all of the photos above!  We killed an hour at Little Five Points where I bought a new salmon colored sheer pink top (LOVE) and the pink canvas Toms flats!  Maybe I was drawn to the color pink because I was feeling so in love :)

We closed out the night with a show, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County by Stephen King. The acting/singing/set design were fabulous!  We got back home at midnight -- so we literally celebrated every second of our anniversary! It was a beautiful day.  And I'm so incredibly blessed.