Even though Amber isn't currently running the marriage letters linkup, I love doing it so much that I am going to continue on! Thank you all for reading along. I love you all so much!


Dear You,

You were gone all weekend and I'm not gonna pretend I liked it. It's odd, because it's not terribly uncommon for us to go a day or so without seeing each other with our work schedules/ministry obligations.  But on those days, I know that you are upstairs asleep before you have to work the night shift.  This time, you weren't here. I couldn't creep on you through the crack in the door to see if you were still as cute as the last time I peeked.  Yep. I really do that.  And our door doesn't lock or even shut all the way -- so there isn't much you can do about it :)

And even though I missed you so much that I maaaybe shed a tear or two and even woke up in the middle of the night praying for your safety while you were away, I know that you were gone for a good reason. 

This weekend, you were at Man Camp.  I remember 2 years ago (back when you used to post on this blog) when you wrote a post on man camp and I about melted at your manliness.  Ok this is getting a little sappy. But seriously, you are a great man of God. I imagine that the pressure of being the leader of our family must be overwhelming at times, and I am so grateful that it's not my job.  I know that I struggle as a woman to take try and take charge, but I also know that I really can trust you to seek God with the decisions in our lives.  In fact, when I pray, I always ask God to tell you the answer.  That way I'll know it's right.  

I love you and I trust you. 
You're a wonderful husband.

You're Girl
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