About 2 years ago, I was helping plant a church in a town called Arab.
The name is interesting because my mom happened to google me (she lives in a different state) and saw that I was working in Arab and she thought it meant with the Arab people in Egypt or something!

Nope! Just a small town in Alabama.

While there, we did an outreach day for single moms in the area. We had guys volunteer their time and resources to do tune ups and clean cars.  We had youth volunteer to babysit and prepare a meal, and us ladies went out for pedicures!  It was so fun and I loved getting to meet these local girls.  

I formed a friendship with one in particular.  Janna :)  Since then, even though I've gone back to our church's main campus, we've kept in contact.  This week, I took her family photos for the third time. She's literally my only client.  If you can call her that.  I basically use her and her adorable family to try things out and practice with my camera and photoshop.  Thanks Janna for being my guinea pig :)  I hope you love your photos!

I neglected to mention that on that day, when we all went out as strangers to get pedicures together, I was a nervous wreck.  I'm actually extremely shy when it comes to meeting people! I could have stayed home, let my anxiety and nerves have control, but God used this special day to open up a friendship and allow us to make these beautiful images together! (Who am I kidding, it's all her!)

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