Dear Wade,
I'm so grateful to whoever invented Skype.  Without it, I don't know how I would have made it a whole week away from you! It's not the first time we've been apart, but it never gets easier.  But those first few days back home, man are they sweet.  I'm reminded to cherish each moment with you.

I got home just in time too, considering your 29th birthday is tomorrow! I love your birthday, because it means that for the next 6 months, you are older than me.
Cradle Robber ;)  

I thought about you so much while I was on the cruise with my family.
Each time I ate something amazing, I thought how you'd love it.
Every time I saw a couple walking, holding hands, or dancing... I wished it was you and me.
And while I ziplined, snorkled, and on my first time paddle boarding, I wanted to share the moment with you.
So, I'm thinking no more vacationing apart. Kapiesh?

I suppose I should get back to the laundry.

I love being your wife.
Your Girl