Happy Sunday!  I had a fantastic morning at church, did you?
This afternoon,  I've got some dinner ideas for you.

After the cruise, I was in serious need of some healthy eating.  I don't even want to mention how many pounds I packed on in that week alone. Ugh.  Ok.. 4lbs.  IN ONE WEEK!

Anyways, I downloaded the noom app on my Droid and I love it! It has kept me in check big time.  I set a weight-loss goal that I felt would push me and I'm proud to say that I'm already back down 4lbs to my pre-cruise weight.  
How pitiful is it that I'm forced to use that term-- pre-cruise weight.  Lame.

They say that, on average, people gain between 5-8lbs on a 7-day cruise!  CRAZY!
(I just want to make myself feel better by mentioning that I did go to the gym on the ship... once.)

Annyways... I've committed to weight training with my trainer twice a week (which I've been doing for 3 years) and have added yoga 3 times a week. In conjunction with eating healthy, it's working. 

Here are some new recipes I tried this week to help me stay on track.

::Spinach Avocado Pasta::
I found this recipe at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart. It was super easy to make and it took less than 20 minutes (only because of the noodles, boiling water, etc.).  I l-o-v-e-d it.  The hubs, on the other hand, not a fan.  I think all of the green freaked him out a little.  And while he couldn't finish his helping, I was going back for seconds!  

Verdict: House Divided

::Balsamic Skirt Steak with Polenta and Roasted Tomatoes::
YUM.  YUM all over.  I'm a HUGE polenta fan ever since I was introduced to it by 5ohWifey with this recipe (also yum).  I searched for other polenta pairings and found this meal by non-other than Martha Stewart.  My only problem is that I couldn't find skirt steak at our local grocer.  Instead I bought NY Strip, which was too thin, and I accidently over cooked it.  I love my meat nearly bloody so I was a bit disappointed.  Still tasted great though and they paired nicely together.  The tomato side dish really gave the meal a nice kick as well!

Verdict: Must repeat (at Medium Rare!)

::Tomato Pie::

We have a great Bed&Breakfast town nearby called Mentone.  It's super cute, filled with antique stores, and is also the home of the Tomato Pie.  Their Tomato Pie is so amazing that I felt I would in no way get close with this recipe, but I thought I'd give it a go anyways! I found the recipe via Pinterest (a.k.a. my new cookbook).
Again, I loved it, but Wade couldn't even finish his serving. He hates sour cream and mayo (I used light and the olive oil kind) -- both of which were used in the recipe.  If I make it again, I'm going to use verrrrrry little of those two ingredients (like, barely any) and up the cheese instead. That should also help cut some of the calories.  But, in my opinion: Great summer dish!

Verdict: House Divided

::Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce::

In an attempt to not fail my husband again, I went with something I know he loves -- shrimp tacos! He's got a fantastic fish tacos recipe, but the cream sauce isn't super healthy. When I found out that the cilantro cream sauce in this recipe was made from greek yogurt, I was stoked.  When I revealed this to the hubs, he looked a little disappointed!
But, I'm happy to report ---- He loved them! These babies are seriously yummy. The savory shrimp, partnered with the tangy/spicy cream sauce make the perfect pair.  Very much a comfort food.

Verdict: Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat again!

Do you have any healthy recipes to share? I'd love to check them out!