I'm linking up once again with The Girl Behind the Blog vlog series, this time with Ashely at 5ohWifey and Jenna at The Life of the Wife.

Today's prompt is on beauty products, something which I know little to nothing about!  So, I talked about what I do know -- and that's my hair. Enjoy!

Yes, I realize I said the prompt was about "Beauty Projects" but I was nervous and felt totally unequipped for this topic! 

In the vlog I mention that I recently let a 14 year old cut my hair. True story! I've been wanting to share it on the blog since I got back and felt that this was the perfect time! I met Julyssa when she was just 8 years old.  

(That's her on the left!)

Last year, we started sponsoring her to go to Beauty School and I told her that once she learned some stuff I would let her cut my hair. She had curled it once before for a quincenera. 

I was feeling pretty calm... until the first cut, that is! When I saw 6 inches of hair fall to the ground I smiled and said, "What have I just done?" (good thing she doesn't understand English!)

I think you can really see the fear in my eyes in this one! They cut hair a little different in Mexico, don't they?  The beauty of it all is that her mom gathered my fallen hair and tied it up for Julyssa to take to school and show her teacher :)

And hey, it all turned out ok in the end :)

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