I'm finally getting around to sharing the first installment of Cruise photos from last week!  I'm not at all paid to say this, but if you're thinking of Cruising, Royal Caribbean is a fantastic choice.  I've now cruised with Carnival twice and Royal Caribbean twice and I personally prefer Royal.  Not to mention that the ships I went on were the two biggest (currently) and have a TON to offer! ie: many free and pay-for restaurants outside of the dining halls, free zip line, mini golf, rock walls, ice skating, flow-riding (see photos below), and several show options each night -- including an outdoor water show theater with some seriously talented high divers! It's a great time.  

::The Ship::

::The Sisters::

::The Boardwalk::
where you can eat at Jonny Rockets or The Seafood Shack, load up at the candy store, ride the carousel, rock climb, or watch a show at the aqua theater.

My sister and her newlywed hubby!

Jonny Rocket serves/dancers

 ::The Flow Rider::

and of course I busted haha

::Labadee Haiti::

Me and the Padre
::Falmouth, Jamaica::

 ::Cozumel, Mexico::
Random fact: Wade and I were supposed to go to Cozumel on our honeymoon cruise in '09 but couldn't due to the threat of swine flu!
My first time Paddle-boarding!!

Please excuse the snorkel line on my forehead! More on that tomorrow!

::More Mexico::

The Brother-in-laws

My brother-in-law just bought a T3i so I spent a lot of time helping him learn to use his camera on Manual, therefore most of the photos are on his camera. I'm sure I'll share some more when I get them from him. 

Check back tomorrow for my "Under the Sea" photos! (a.k.a. photos with the water camera -- hiking falls, ziplining over the ocean, and snorkeling!)

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