Guess what?? I've got new Bags in my shop -- where your purchase goes directly into the mission field!
I've been working hard on these new designs and am so excited to finally have them finished!  I am also working on a line of wallets with many of the same pallets.  

Each new bag is named after one of my college girl friends!  Growing up, I didn't know how to connect well with girls (which is weird, because I only have sisters). I had a handful of close girl friends in High School, and in college I was blessed with an amazing group of girls who got me. They changed me.  And I am forever thankful.  So, to honor them, I give you my "Ocho" series.  (They'll get it)

(named after my first roomie)

My personal favorite, "The Babraham", for my given nickname - Babraham Lincoln.

And there are many more! 
I hope you will consider checking out my store, Missionary Kerrie's and prayerfully consider making a purchase!  Every penny goes to fund our mission trip to India in January!

And speaking of sponsoring our mission trip, I'd like to welcome my May Featured Ad sponsors:

Mariah @ Thee Fire Wife
I have also randomly reordered my swap ads


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