Right there.
That's all of my love for you wrapped up in one photo.

In this photo, I see your loving eyes. The same eyes that penetrated my soul just a few weeks into dating.  The eyes that gave and still give me butterflies.  The eyes that made me think something was different this time.

I see you, cheek to cheek, with Merlan and I love you all over again.  Your love for the people in Mexico is like no other.  This place where God introduced us, where we had our first date, and to where we return more frequently than anywhere else, is sacred ground. And I love this photo because I see you there. With her. That makes me smile.

I know that when the photo was snapped, you were taking a break from giving out medical help to a people who can't afford a doctor of their own.  I know that just moments before this image was captured, you gave vitamins and medication to a child infested with worms. And I know that just seconds after, you helped a man get his diabetes under control.

And I love this photo, because at that precise moment in time, you were looking at me.  You and Merlan and me.  All of us together.  Taking it all in.  Praising God for that wonderful day that we now have forever and ever.

That's it. All of it. Right there in one perfect image.

Happy Birthday Baby.