So, about a month ago my husband comes home from work and tells me he bought a new camera (point and shoot).  He was thrilled. I was confused.  Why would you buy a camera?  I have a DSLR!  Plus, I have an old point and shoot laying around somewhere collecting dust already!  
Well, turns out his purchase was pretty awesome.  It's not just a point-and-shoot, it's an underwater camera as well -- though it doesn't look like one at all!  I was so glad to have it on this trip so I could take pictures where I wouldn't have been able to with my DSLR!

And speaking of questionable purchases, you might have noticed my beach hat from yesterday's post.  It was a last minute purchase that I was super stoked about.  I'm all about not getting burnt (big turn around from my teenage years).  I thought it looked super cute... until, that is, I was walking around the cruise ship with my nifty-difty hat on. 

Turning a corner I pass a small group of teenage girls.  One of them looks at me and my awesome hat and says, "Whoa."


I'm that person.  The one the teenagers think are lame. haha
  oh, life.
Without further ado, photos from my husband's (non-dslr, but very useful) camera.

::Zip Lining in Haiti::

::Climbing The Falls in Jamaica::

Whenever someone is missing from a trip, we leave them a space to be photoshoped in. Ha! This one's for Wade.

::Snorkeling in Mexico::

how cute are my sister and her husband, holding hands as they snorkel?!