I feel like I've been running in a non-stop checklist marathon the last few days!  I haven't even had time to think about blogging much of worth.  I'm leaving today for Florida where I will then set sail with mi familia on a big 'ol cruise ship!  I know I'll have a great time and get really tan and gain lots of weight.. but I'm really going to miss my hubs! He's not coming. Boo.  Originally, neither of us were, but as the cruise drew nearer and my dad needed a roomie, I oh so nicely volunteered. hah.

I say all that to say that I won't be posting around these parts for a while.  However, my husband asked me for instructions on how to post on our blog, so you may see a surprise or two from him on here!  Who knows :)  He says that by the time I get back, I'll have THOUSANDS of followers haha.  He also says he plans on posting gun reviews.  

I just hope my little space doesn't end up like this:

JUST kidding :) I know that if Wade decides to take over the blog while I'm gone, y'all will love it. He's a much better writer than me :)  

Bon Voyage!

I literally posted this and went to bed, only to get back up realizing that I needed to check in for my flight.  I search my email and can't find my itinerary, I go to Southwest's website and try to search my flight to no avail, and finally I call.  Only to be told I never actually booked the thing!
Typical me.
I'm not surprised. And neither was my husband.

So, good news and bad news:

Bad news - new flight cost more money.

Good news - now I'm flying to a different city on a different day instead of flying home and driving down to the Cruise port the next day... which means another day with the hubs! And I get home a day earlier!
Good wins.