It happens every time.
Without fail.

In preparation for our upcoming summer mission trip to Mexico, I'm feeling anxious.
As always.
I really hate that part of it; and taking my largest group yet -- about 50 people -- has really up'd the ante this go-round.

So, for my own sanity, I thought it would be nice to post some photos of the pay off.
And boy is it good.

ahhhhhhhh.... I feel much better now.

Every trip I have moments of panic or stress.  And every trip, it's 100% worth it.  Every trip, I'm reminded that the success of the trip is not up to me -- it's up to Him.  I don't know why I worry... well, I do. It's an attack and I'm fully aware of Satan's schemes.  
So pray with me will you? 
Pray for me. 

Feel free to link up any recent posts on what God is teaching you, what He's doing in your life, or how you are living your "Life on a mission!"

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