"You can't dream bigger than God. You should be more concerned with holding back God with your small dreams."

Tico and Tina are two dreamers. Their goal is to inspire others to live their dreams. To not live in fear, but to chase after God.  When I read about their Blank Canvas tour, my heart started to race. Everything they talk about is what I feel God has been showing us lately.  To stop chasing the American dream. To take a chance. To step out in faith.  To follow God, even when it's uncomfortable or seems totally crazy.

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we're a passionately creative multicultural family, self-employed and location independent, and we're on a mission to inspire people to go after their dreams.

As I watched the video above, I imagined...
What if they were to come to Mexico this summer and see where God has taken my heart?  What if they could document it in a way that shows everyone what I feel inside?  It's so hard to explain love in words.

As many of you know, next summer we will be moving to Mexico to serve as full time missionaries.  We will join the people we've come to know and love as family over the last 5 1/2 years.  They will soon be our neighbors.  I'm still taking teams down on week-long mission trips until the move and I'll actually be staying down there for nearly three full weeks in a row this summer, helping two groups with a few free days in between.

Wouldn't it be amazing for them to come and see? To come and experience? To come and document?

They may not choose me, but I felt God pushing me to at least put myself out there.  Even now, as I write this, I feel a moving in my soul.

Over the last few days, I feel God has been showing me that He wants to use this blog to share our story when we move.  I will still be blogging and I really feel He is going to use this avenue (as well as my shop) to help resource our ministry and to hopefully encourage others to live life on a mission.

[all photos from our last trip, in April]

Do you know someone who you'd like to nominate for the Blank Canvas tour? It could even be you!  If so, link up with Tico&Tina!  This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage and spread inspiration.

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