Alright y'all, let's go back to the beginning.  Take a trip back to our first stroke of the keyboard as we typed our first post. The nerves.  The complete lack of blogger knowledge and the raw, "I-write-for-me" of it all!

Link up your VERY FIRST post and show us how it all got started.  It's practically the easiest linkup there ever was, considering you've already done all the work in writing the post, right? I like to keep it simple :)

And hey, want to take it a step further?  Find a photo of yourself from that time in your life and use it as your linky photo!  Some of you may look the exact same (you months old bloggers, you) and some may look drastically different (years will do that to ya.)

In fact, when I started blogging, I looked like this....

Yup.  I had just gotten married and decided it would be a good time to cut off all my hair. What is it about haircuts and new starts??  So weird. 

I started this blog 10 days after I got married and we were all cutsie like this...

But you can read all about my first post in the linkup. I'll be the first one!

I hope you'll join me in this easy and fun little linky party and check out how your favorite bloggers began! Or at least to help me not feel like a loner ;)

And if you want, add this button to today's post or your blog this week to let others know!

Flashback Friday

Linkup will be open now - June 15th!

Let's go back!

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