Allow me to give you a little tour of a corner in my kitchen. Shall we?

The weekend hit me with the DIY bug and it resulted in a serious obsession with my kitchen corner.
I have a serious overload of spices.
And I really do use them ALL.

So, to make things more visually appealing, I bought some matching spice jars (half off at Hob Lob) and some shelving (also from Hob Lob), which I painted a fresh Pistachio, to store them out in the open in a beautiful way!

I used my handy dandy Silhouette machine (finally. it's been collecting some dust.) to make the labels and ta-da!  Eye Candy for la cocina.

 (yes, I alphabetized them.)

While the inspiration was alive a kickin', I took advantage and labeled some of my larger jars as well.

(chai tea, flour, brown sugar, and granulated sugar)

I mean, who doesn't love a good Spanish Lesson?

(cup measurer, butter bell, olive oil)

While this part is not at all DIY -- I just had to show off my Anthro cup measurer!
(little things like this are the only things I allow myself to afford in that store -- and it was on sale!)

How do ya like it?  I'm totally in love. :)

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