I've been participating in The Girl Behind the Blog "Vlog" series with 5ohwifey since it's very beginning.
|See 1, 2, and 3.|

I love this linkup because, instead of reading someones thoughts in our own voice, we get to hear it the way they intend. It gives the reader a chance to really get to know the "girl behind the blog" in a more personal way.
And today, that's just the point behind the prompt.

Today's questions are in effort to dig a little deeper and get to know the writer beyond what a reader might see from their blog.

1. Introduce yourself and your blog.
2. What is something we don't know about you just from reading your blog (I answered the next three as an answer to this question.)
3. How would you describe your style -- whether it be home decor, personal, or music.
4. What is your biggest pet peeve.
5. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

**5 cool points if you can name the tune my phone makes!**

Well?  Learn anything new about me? How bout the fact that I am part crazy person? Or that I watch too much drama-filled TV? Or that I may not even remember writing this come morning?? Ay-yay-ay. 

BTW -- are you Rachel (randomlyrachels@gmail.com)? If so, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the winner of my #MissionaryKerrie Giveaway!!

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